Money money money. Yes, we need more of it. We all do. Who am I? Maybe I’m a once loved Labrador who got too old to be taken care of and was abandoned. Maybe I’m a puppy whose mama is nowhere around to feed me. Or maybe I’m that stray dog on the street yesterday, who got run over by that fancy speeding silver car and lost a leg. Or wait. Maybe I’m that eagle you saw soaring high up in the sky while you were flying your kite and I cut my wing on your thread.   I’m not flying so high these days. In fact, I’m not flying at all. I’m stuck in a cage and dependent on someone else to hunt for me. I could also be one of those horses who took you for a ride in a carriage and wasn’t taken proper care of. Or could I be that starving black cat they found in the dark alley, the one they think is a bad omen?


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