Who are we ?

People For Animals, Mysore is a no-kill animal shelter where sick, injured and abandoned animals are taken care of. Since its inception in 2010 in Mysore, thousands of animals have been successfully treated, sterilised and released. We take in dogs, cats, monkeys, horses, cows, donkeys and many other animals.


Apart from treating animals, we also try to find a good home for all adoptable animals. A stringent process is followed before handing the animal over to the adoptee, including doing a background check on potential adoptees, collecting their IDs, and doing surprise visits to check on the welfare of the animal. The animals are vaccinated, dewormed and sterilised before being put up for adoption.


A sister concern of PFA, called ROTA has been focusing on the Animal Birth Control surgery (spaying & neutering) of stray dogs in Mysore. Thanks to this programme, we have been able to curb the growth of stray dog population and reduce the incidences of rabies transmission. Over 70,000 animals have been operated on and released. ROTA picks up dogs, gets them sterilised at our shelter and releases them from where they were taken. This ensures that the dogs are not displaced.



We have an outpatient clinic where we attend to cases that do not require hospitalization. Few of the services offered are; Complete health checkup, X Ray facility, UltraSound Facility, Surgical Care, Gynaecological Care, Dermatology, Diagnostic Laboratory Testing, Vaccination and Ambulance Services at subsidised rates.


Every month we conduct a free health camp for different animals. Recently our team was in Srirangapatna where horses were vaccinated, dewormed and a general health checkup was done. In addition to it, mineral mixture packets were also distributed. Due to the covid situation, the horse owners didn’t make enough money to get the horses treated. That’s when we stepped in and offered our services.


We have attended to emergency cases in places such as H.D.Kote, Mandy, and other villages where we performed emergency surgeries in our ambulance to save lives. We have dealt with animal abuse cases such as neglect and abandonment, to wildlife conflict cases such as mauling of cows, which has been challenging at times, but the satisfaction of saving an animal is immeasurable.


  • M/S SAVITHA NAGABHUSHAN (Managing Trustee)
  • SRI. PRAKASH G (President)
  • DR. MADHAVI (Honourable Trustee)
  • DR. GANGADHAR PATIL (Honourable Trustee)
  • SRI. H.S. SUBBANNA (Honourable Trustee)
  • SRI. SOUNDAR RAJAN (Honourable Trustee)
  • DR. SHEILA RAO (Honourable Trustee)
  • SMT. LAKSHMI GURURAJ (Honourable Trustee)

Our Mission

Establish and upgrade facilities for animal rescue and rehabilitation such as shelters, ambulances, mobile clinics and help lines.
Conduct an outreach program to educate young students about animal welfare at schools or through extra curricular activities; produce and promote media programs on animal related issues; conduct training programs for lawyers, police officers, vets and animal owners; produce books and expert guides on animal care and related issues; partner with influential community leaders and opinion makers to bring about positive change towards animal welfare.
Liaise with national and international animal welfare groups to promote the public understanding and appreciation for the environment and for animal welfare. Provide support, financial or otherwise to deserving animal welfare initiatives. Provide career opportunities in animal welfare. Educate the public on health, environment and economic costs of animal based choices. Source and promote animal-free alternatives.
To assist in bringing about environmental and animal friendly legislation.
Take direct action to protect animals and from offenders.